University of Southern Queensland’s Formula SAE Team
USQ Racing is a team comprised of University of Southern Queensland (USQ) students who will be competing in the annual Formula SAE – Australia (FSAE-A) competition held at Winton Motor Raceway, Victoria. We are in our first year of development and look forward to our first competition on the 8th December 2022. Our team are currently working together to build our very first electric powered formula-style vehicle and would love your support.

What is FSAE-A?
FSAE-A is the Australian leg of the international FSAE competition. This competition challenges students to design, fabricate and assemble formula style vehicles, working in a student led engineering environment to develop the best vehicle permissible using the time and resources available. The team environment assists with developing the students experience in engineering practices, team work, leadership, management, marketing and finance. The Australian competition attracts teams from all over the world, with around 35 teams expected to be attending. In previous years teams have regularly travelled here from UK, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand and USA.

The USQ Racing Team!
Our team currently has 40+ students who are keen to be involved with the USQ Racing experience. The favourable feature of an FSAE team is the inclusion of multiple disciplines, while the majority of our team members are engineering students; finance, business, law, I.T. and arts students are all required to satisfy the demands of a motorsport team. We are currently in the early stages of design and engineering. Our 2022 goal is to develop a vehicle that complies with the stringent rules of FSAE, with the focus of participating in the 2022 competition. We then aim to build on this accomplishment, with the ambition of gaining a podium finish in the following year. We have gained great support from our fellow FSAE participating Queensland universities. We are fortunate that the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University are all offering us their support and experience when needed.